Home grown, started by bright local talent with superior goals, medical standards and ethics. The proud owners of Excel PT, Alan Palmer, MSPT, CSCS, and Tom Carroll, MPT, CSCS, graduated from local high schools and attended college together with a dream of returning home to help make people better. Together they have been the inspiration to create the overall vision, progressive standards and caring atmosphere at Excel Physical Therapy.


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Alan is a graduate of IthacaCollege and enjoys a broad spectrum of experience throughout the capital region. His specialty areas include osteopathic manual therapy, pediatrics, sport and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and geriatrics. Training and education on the newest techniques is the cornerstone of Alan’s commitment to providing the absolute best services to the patients of Excel Physical Therapy.

Tom is a graduate of IthacaCollege and Nova Southern University and has extensive experience practicing in various out-patient settings throughout Columbia, Greene, Albany and SaratogaCounties. Tom’s impressive credentials benefit his patients daily with a special focus on advanced clinical training for orthopedic problems, and manual, sport and geriatric rehabilitation. He takes great pride in maintaining his edge on the newest and best osteopathic techniques and philosophy.

They and their very talented staff have a deep commitment to the highest standard of caring and treatment for the clients of Excel Physical Therapy. This team of outstanding practitioners is serving their community by utilizing impressive experience, the most advanced techniques and rehabilitation strategies, and a passion for people.


Excel PT is different from other providers of physical therapy treatments. At Excel, the time is taken to listen to better provide a more solid foundation in a treatment approach. There are various techniques that are utilized to decrease clients’ pain and they will work hard to provide the best treatment possible.

The overall treatment philosophy embraced by the professionals at Excel PT is to combine the best of both Eastern and Western medicine.  The overriding focus is the treatment of the whole person, not just the symptom.  A “general protocol” is not followed; each case is evaluated and treated on an individual basis.  This means a combination of non-traditional therapy techniques with more conventional practices to help speed up the healing process.




Some of the non-traditional techniques practiced include muscle energy, Myofascial therapy, and cranial mobilization. Muscle energy is a hands-on technique that utilizes the patient’s muscle contractions and body positioning to formalize joint motion.  Myofascial therapy refers to a system that utilizes physical treatment methods on skeletal muscles and the corresponding connective tissues, while cranial mobilization is a technique that works to restore the balance of cranial bones. Overall Excel PT methods, as opposed to traditional physical therapy or chiropractic ’s, focus on the underlying problems rather than to simply the superficial manifestation of pain.

Excel PT also provides conventional therapeutic and advanced sports rehab technique, and utilizes osteopathic-based manual treatment. An Excel therapist continues to study new ways to be able to provide the best treatment possible. The initial appointment can last up to an hour depending upon the complexity of the presenting problem, as an extensive evaluation is conducted before creating a rehabilitation strategy to address a client’s personal needs.