I went to Excel P.T. after having surgery on my elbow. The MD did not think I would get full recovery. I worked for several weeks and have absolutely no limitations remaining. I was especially impressed with the environment at Excel P.T. Everyone there is friendly and it is such a warm and open atmosphere. The extra step they take made a huge difference in my rehabilitation.  – Trudy M

Initially when I came to Excel Physical Therapy my back was giving me significant difficulty. The fine staff worked on my back and taught me proper exercises to do and, after just a few treatments, I was able to return to a pain-free state. – Chris H

“Thank you so much for all your help. My clicking and popping jaw is no more! When I started I didn’t believe it was possible, but you proved me wrong. Thanks again and thanks for providing such a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Excel Physical Therapy.” Ruth C.

“I just want to thank you for all the help and for getting me on the road to recovery! All the staff were always great. When I first came I was in a lot of pain but within a couple of weeks I was able to forget about the pain. Now I’m back to doing everything I want to do. Thanks again!” Marleen D.

“I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate all you have done to make my months at Excel so productive, entertaining and enjoyable. I know that without your help, support and encouragement I would not have gotten as far as I have in my recovery from surgery. I knew when I came for treatment that it was going to be a short period of time while there, that I was going to be uncomfortable and in pain. The fact that you were all so enjoyable to be around made the painful moments more bearable. It is amazing to me to see the progress I made from where I started. I can’t thank you all enough!” Lolly G.

“Thank you for all you did for me. Without your dedicated care, my recovery would not have been as easy as it was. You got me back on my feet, literally, and I am truly grateful for that.” David A.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping my shoulder get back to 100%. I can reach, stretch and use it without any pain now. I would highly recommend Excel PT to others with shoulder problems.” Rene H.

“I am ever grateful for each one of you and all you’ve done for me during my therapy sessions. I looked forward to your company, friendship and I received the best therapy yet…also many laughs. You have made my memories in my life that I will keep forever and for that I thank you.” Marge C.

“I came to Excel PT as a person who felt my back pain was forever. Having done endless back exercises in the past, without relief, I was skeptical when my doctor recommended physical therapy. I chose your facility because of your excellent reputation. I am so very amazed that the treatments along with an education on how to care for myself at home and work is helping me to live a reduced pain life! I can’t thank you all enough. If your website had a rating I would rate it five stars!” Diane G.