If you currently suffer with back pain or have a history of chronic back problems you are not alone. According to the American Physical Therapy Association 60-80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Although many of these cases may get better within two to four weeks on their own, without treatment the risk of recurrence is extremely high.

Woman With Back PainThe cause of back pain varies and is different for each individual. For some, pain may come on suddenly after a traumatic event, like a car accident, fall, or sports related injury. Yet for others, pain is chronic. The cause maybe unknown, and the pain, which may be debilitating at times, is reoccurring. When asked how long they have had back pain, these patients often respond “forever”.

At Excel Physical Therapy we treat patients with both “acute” and “chronic” back pain. Our goal is to prevent the acute pain from becoming chronic, and uncover and fix the cause of the chronic pain. Many people who have had a long history of back pain feel as though they have tried everything. They may have been prescribed anti-inflammatory or pain medications and done endless back exercises with no relief.

How can we help?

Our therapists are trained in advanced physical therapy techniques that complement conventional treatment methods. Through an extensive verbal and physical evaluation we will begin to uncover a mechanical cause for your pain. Each person experiencing back pain has a unique history and the treatment should reflect these differences. Our approach towards treating back pain is individualized and hands on, integrating the entire body.

A treatment plan including muscle energy techniques, strain-counterstrain, myofascial release, massage, strengthening and stretching will be implemented. This practice, along with education, is designed to help a patient return to normal function after an injury and help those with chronic pain get their life back after years of agony.

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