Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time in a women’s life. Pregnancy is not only an emotional experience, but a very physical one as well. Women may experience widespread aches and pains associated with the physical changes of their bodies. For example, the extra weight women carry during pregnancy changes their center of gravity and can result in mild to severe back and leg pain and an increase in breast weight can lead to both upper back and neck pain.

A thorough medical history including description of symptoms and physical evaluation must be completed to determine a treatment plan. Supplemented with exercise and patient education, manual therapy is an effective way to treat and ease the discomforts associated with pregnancy. Soft tissue and cranialsacral techniques are aimed to ease muscle tension and ligamentous strain which will also allow greater flexibility of the pelvis and abdomen during labor, and can help the mother with a quick recovery. Advanced physical therapy treatment can also help to ease other side effects of pregnancy such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation and sciatic pain.

At Excel Physical Therapy, our therapists frequently attend continuing education courses and seminars on alternate and advanced physical therapy techniques. By complementing standard physical therapy practice with a non traditional approach we are able to treat a variety of dysfunction with excellent results. We offer essential one on one treatment sessions where we consider the whole person, not just the symptom. Our objective is to identify and resolve the cause of each particular problem which guarantees a quick and effective recovery for the patient.

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