How is Excel Physical Therapy different than the rest?

At Excel, we take the time to listen to better provide a more solid foundation in a treatment approach. There are various techniques that we utilize to decrease your pain and we will work hard to provide the best treatment possible.

What will my first appointment be like at Excel?

Your initial appointment can last up to an hour depending upon the complexity of your problem. It’s good to wear loose comfortable clothes in order to allow the therapist to get a good idea of your mobility.

What do you mean by “different types of treatment”?

We provide conventional therapeutic and advanced sports rehab techniques. We also utilize osteopathic-based manual treatment to provide the best care. An Excel therapist continues to study new ways to be able to provide you with the best treatment possible.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor in order to see an Excel Therapist?

No. New York State no longer requires a prescription from your doctor in order for us to treat you, regardless of your insurance. See Direct Access.

Will I be seeing the same therapist throughout my treatment?

Yes. We start and end your treatment throughout with the same therapist. This allows that particular therapist to modify your treatment as you heal, therefore providing the most dynamic and advanced care possible.