Manual Therapy

  • Performed for a variety of conditions and is tailored to each individual’s needs
  • Changes in joint accessory mobility greatly enhance body motion
  • Dynamic process – techniques change with improvements in your condition
  • Can reduce stiffness and improve range & quality of motion
  • Involves a hands on and individualized approach to therapy

Home Exercise Programs

  • A thorough evaluation process identifies an individual’s problem, which can be localized. Therefore, a number of highly specific exercises will be given for the presenting conditionAcute pain in a neck at the young men.
  • As a patient progresses these exercises change in order to challenge them and further increase their function in daily life
  • We provide a lot of education on the cause of the problem and ways to prevent recurrences – education can be in the form of anatomy, physiology, ergonomics, appropriate ways to stretch, lifestyle changes, exercise approaches and self management of symptoms

Soft Tissue Mobilizations

  • Injuries generally result in some degree of soft tissue change throughout the body
  • Joint stiffness, as well as poor posturing and body mechanics are also associated with soft tissue changes
  • It is thus essential to manually mobilize this soft tissue to prevent and break up any scar tissue and thickenings that are present
  • Our physical therapists have excellent training in this technique and can provide relief from soft tissue issues


  • Being educated about your condition is one of the first steps to overcoming it
  • Due to the highly skilled up to date training of our therapists, we are able to provide excellent patient education to enable the patient to be empowered
  • We pride ourselves in aiming to prevent recurrences of an injury
  • This is achieved through comprehensive manual treatment combined with accurate education and effective home program exercise training
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